The primary goals of the Bel Air High School's Business Department are to provide a clear understanding of the characteristics, organization, and operation of businesses, as well as help students become successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.    

By participating in the Business Pathway, students will acquire a working vocabulary of common business terms, recognize strengths and weaknesses of various forms of business ownership, obtain an awareness of the many activities, problems, and decisions involved in successfully operating a business and ultimately, gain an appreciation of the importance of business management, accounting and marketing in our economic system.  

Students enrolled in the business pathway have the option of earning college credit through Harford Community College.  Students complete college business classes online while remaining in the high school classroom setting.   

A benefit to this dual enrollment option is that the professor and teacher work together to support each student while they experience their first college class.

Click HERE to find out more about Harford Community College Dual Enrollment Program.  If your student is interested in this option and would like to take business classes at HCC during their senior year, you must contact Mrs. Poust at [email protected] before enrolling.



Students also have an opportunity to participate in the National Business Honor Society (NBHS) and Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA).

Course offerings at BAHS include:

Principles of Business Management and Entrepreneurship
Principles of Accounting and Finance
Introduction to Marketing
Advanced Accounting
Advanced Business Management Advanced Marketing
Business/Entrepreneurship Capstone or Dual Enrollment