What are Flex Fridays?

What are Flex Fridays?
Posted on 09/01/2020

As part of the Continuity of Learning plan, HCPS is proud to offer flexible options each Friday based on what you need during this time of virtual learning. Below you will find an example of what your teachers will do on Fridays, as well as what you can do. Our hope is that Fridays give you the opportunity to stay on track with your assignments, to seek additional help if you need it, and to participate in clubs and activities that will help us all to maintain a sense of normalcy during this semester of virtual learning.

Guidance for Teachers

7:00–9:00 School-Based Professional Time

  • Your teachers will be participating in school-based meetings for professional learning, departments meetings, faculty meetings, etc.

9:10–11:45 Teacher Office Hours

  • Your teachers will invite you to attend small group instruction, enrichment sessions, study sessions, etc or will meet with you based on your request.

11:45–12:45 Lunch

  • Your teachers eat lunch too!

12:45–2:20 Clubs/Activities OR Office Hours

  • Your teachers will sponsor various clubs and organizations and will utilize this time frame for hosting the virtual meetings. Teachers who do not sponsor a club or activity during this time will hold additional office hours.

Guidance for Students

7:00–9:00 Work Time

  • Sign in for attendance.
  • Work on your asynchronous assignments from the week and preview next week if possible.

9:10–11:45 Teacher Office Hours & Work Time

  • You may receive an invitation to virtually meet with your teacher for additional assistance or enrichment AND/OR you can email your teacher to request a meeting during this time frame for extra help. Any time that you are not meeting with a teacher can of course be used to complete your assignments.

11:45–12:45 Lunch

  • Lunch hour…consider taking a break from your devices and getting away from the screen!

12:45–2:20 Clubs and Activities OR Work Time

  • This is a dedicated time frame for you to get involved in clubs and activities that you can participate in (virtually). Having an outlet is important for your mental health and wellness! Stay tuned for details about how to get involved!

Other Important Notes About Flex Fridays

  • Because Fridays are strictly asynchronous learning, it is our strong recommendation that students who are part of our Learning Support Center should only attend on Fridays if they require internet access.
  • Learning Support Centers will follow the same general guidance, but time frames for working on asynchronous assignments would be adjusted in accordance with the arrival/departure schedule of the LSC.