Student Attendance for Virtual Learning

Student Attendance for Virtual Learning
Posted on 09/01/2020

Guidelines for Students Self Reporting Attendance in a Virtual Learning Environment

Beginning September 8, 2020, the following steps will be taken by students in order to log daily attendance:

  1. Students in grades K-12 will log onto his/her HCPS computer and go into the default browser home page ( and click on the Attendance application tile. No login is required if using an HCPS computer.
  2. Parents and guardians of Pre-K students will receive further instructions from their child’s school regarding attendance procedures.
  3. If students are not using an HCPS computer, the student may access the Attendance application via the link posted on or by entering the URL into the browser The student will be prompted for the student account login.
  4. The student will report his/her attendance at any time between the hours of 7:00–10:00 a.m by clicking “I’m Here”.
    • If the student does not report his/her attendance, then he/she will be marked with an unexcused absence..
    • The parent may choose to mark the attendance status for their child(ren) on a daily basis. This will require the student’s login.
    • Students who are absent must provide appropriate documentation to the school regarding the reason for the absence. This may be in the form of an emailed absence note or a phone call. Parents/guardians will receive specific instructions from their child’s school as to who should be contacted.
  5. Connect 5 attendance calls will be sent to parents/guardians at 12:15 p.m. daily, beginning September 21, 2020.

Download a guide here.