Executive Function Event!

Managing Student Motivation with Executive Function Coaching
Posted on 02/15/2022

You may have heard of the term executive function coaching, but may not be sure what it means specifically. We all have executive function skills that develop in our teens and early twenties. Just as is true for all of the other milestones and skill sets, development of these higher cognitive skills varies for all of us. Therefore, your student may be having more difficulty than their peers in these areas, especially if there is a diagnosis of ADHD or ADD.

Executive function skills include: initiation of task, organization, goal persistence, time management, attention/concentration, working memory, planning ahead, reasoning and self-regulation.


Executive Function Coaching addresses some or all of the above difficulties, depending on your student’s needs. Overall, the goal is to provide strategies and systems to help your student become more independent and confident in executive function skills and generalize into life skills. Join us for an Informational session about Executive Functioning Coaching On February 15, 2022 at 6:30 PM.



Here is the LINK to the TEAMS Virtual presentation on Executive Functioning Coaching presented by Ms. Amy Bland.