Varsity Club

Varsity Club

Mrs. McDonough


The mission is to promote a community of valued students, teachers, faculty that promotes athletic excellence, good sportsmanship, and character-building relationships among all students.  The club encourages each Varsity Athlete to come out and support other teams, individuals and teachers/coaches in any event they are taking part in.  We would like to start seeing more of our varsity athletes taking part in viewing plays and musicals, concerts, art shows, etc.

Goals:  To increase school spirit for the entire school body; To increase the attendance at all afterschool events on and off campus; To raise support for our community at large as well as our school; To increase support for our peers, teachers and school; To create active participants in all activities that Varsity Club takes on as a challenge; To support, promote and maintain a high standard of integrity and good sportsmanship in all   sports related activities of the high school; To use our athletic abilities and experiences to assist younger athletes at school; Support, interact, and serve as a mentor to current student-athletes; Provide students with fun athletic activities during the school year.

  • Meetings are held online and through email
  • Applications are outside of B207 on the Bulletin Board. 
  • Email [email protected] or stop by B207
  • You MUST have play(ed) or manage(d) a Varsity Sport Applicable Pun Varsity Letter B - Vinyl Decal for Outdoor Use  on Cars, ATV, Boats, Windows and More - Black 3 Inches Tall : Automotive