HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere)

Mrs. McDonough  


Our mission is to promote a community of valued students, parents, faculty and societal organizations where volunteering and giving back to others in a time of need is the primary focus.  The group empowers our students to communicate, collaborate, investigate health concepts, take part in community/world events and provide unique opportunities for our members and the people they are helping.  We place emphasis on helping others, volunteering, decreasing the number of those in need, helping the ill, advocating for health issues and other human beings. 

Goals:  help others in need by showing dedication and compassion to our community/world by being another helping hand; increase student involvement in helping in times of need, while also spreading awareness of health issues and life-altering events; improve the community/world we live in, support others and improve others’ quality of life, by giving HOPE to those in need; instill a value of helping others in the entire faculty/student body of BAHS

  • Email communication (not in person meetings due to other activity commitments)
  • If students ever need anything, they can come see me in B207 throughout the school day or before school in the School Store each day.
  • Applications are outside of B207 on the Bulletin Board.
  • Email [email protected]